OC Performance Euro Cap

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Great Lakes Collection

Canada is home to the most lakes globally, and Ontario accounts for the majority of them. From the very beginning till today, water is shaping the identity of our Province, not only by the name Ontario deriving from the meaning “Great Lake” and “Beautiful Water,” but also by the dependence on the water around us.
Therefore, Ontario Cycling implemented this identity as a part of the collective memory of our great Province. All great contiguous lakes and the Hudson Bay are depicted in the grey and red camouflage on the new Ontario Cycling garments.
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Practical reasons for wearing a cap include keeping sweat off your brow, preventing rain from dripping down onto your face, shielding your face from the sun (in the case that the sun is perfectly poised above you at high noon and the short brim can actually be of service), and to keep your head just a touch warmer during the spring and autumn seasons, when a light layer can protect you from the chill.

Our caps, just like our jerseys, can be washed over and over again and they'll look like new each time.


  • Classic "Euro-style" design.
  • 4  panel construction.
  • Lightweight twill fabric to manage moisture.
  • Firm brim which can be flipped up as visor.
  • Fits neatly underneath your helmet.
  • One size fits most.