OCA 2022 Great Lakes Design

Design Explained

 Canada is home to the most lakes globally, and Ontario accounts for the majority of them. From the very beginning till today, water is shaping the identity of our Province, not only by the name Ontario deriving from the meaning “Great Lake” and “Beautiful Water,” but also by the dependence on the water around us.
Therefore, Ontario Cycling implemented this identity as a part of the collective memory of our great Province. All great contiguous lakes and the Hudson Bay are depicted in the grey and red camouflage on the new 2022 Ontario Cycling Jersey.
Ontario’s Coat of Arms represents the province’s heritage and local roots. The deep roots of our province are represented by using the Ontario shield on the upper arm supported by the moose (dexter) and deer (sinister) who are native to the Great White North.
Additionally, the province motto “Loyal she began, loyal she remains” (ut incepit fidelis sic permanet) is used on the sleeves to emphasize the pride in our province.
The black bear used as a crest on the coat of arms is depicted on the neck, accompanied by the famous slogan “A place to stay | a place to grow” - the unofficial provincial anthem used for Expo 67, Montreal, Quebec.
The Ontario Trillium next to the share-the-road icon and the Ontario shield is another potent symbol of the province’s heritage and identity.
Ontario’s roads are used by us for several purposes every day. The most desirable ideal for everybody using our roads is to be respectful and proactive, as Ontario’s roads accommodate many diverse users. Due to several situations on our streets, the cycling community needs to remind the community to share the road respectfully. Ontario Cycling supports the share the road mindset by using it on the back of this collection.